Friday, October 12, 2012

New Visions for ME

Just got back from a wonderful conference in Park City.  Well, at least I heard it was wonderful.  I had the distinct pleasure of running the Pitch Appointments with the agents from NY.  Yes, the big wigs is who I spent the weekend waiting on, making sure they had enough chocolate and plenty of writers to talk to.  It's a thankless job, but someone has to do it.  I did get to hear a couple of great keynote speakers, and well that's what draws people into a conference, isn't it?

All that aside.  I did learn some really interesting things.  I told one agent that I really don't enjoy blogging, tweeting, FBing, or any of the social stuff.  I prefer to meet people face to face at book signings, out on the road, etc.  However, when I'm at home and have a few minutes to spare, I'd rather write than do all the social media.

She laughed and said actually she liked to hear that, it meant I'm a writer first and the rest is secondary to me.  However, I needed to try a bit harder to be out there.  So here is my New Year's Resolution.  I know, I know, it's not New Years, but I can start early, can't I?

I vow to spend some time making my presence know.  FB is really giving me a headache, as my poor computer is really having a time, but my phone on the other hand is sort of handy that way.  I also vow to try to be more out there on my blog. 

I know it's paranormal, but that pretty much discribes me.  Not really normal.  So, besides my boring life, kids, horses, dogs etc.  I've decided to share a bit more of myself here.  So stay tuned for the weirdness that is me.

I love to watch Paranomal Witness and the Dead Files, not really the norm, but I've had experiences that I hope someone else has had, so I don't feel alone.  What sort of strange stuff have you seen?  Let's compare notes. 

So, homework for me.  I will post once a week, and I'm going to be asking for things that go along with my experiences and what I see on the off-beat shows on TV.

Let me know if you've ever considered there might be something behind the monster stories.  In Paranormal Witness, two men tracked a creature that walked on two legs, had claws on the end of the toes, and lived in a cabin in the woods.  The man had yellow eyes, and kept to himself.  When he died, they went to the cabin and found absolutely no personal items there.  Just a steel room with Chains and Locks.  Sounds like The Vampire Diaries to me.  How about you?  Ever seen wierd tracks?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!

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  1. Great post, Joy! I hope to see you online more often! :D