Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tawny's Ghost

Okay, so ghost stories are something everyone enjoys now, thanks to Ghost Hunters, Haunted Collector, Ghost Adventures and the likes.  But how many ghost stories do you read, and how many hold your interest.  I just read a cool review by Scott R. on Amazon and wanted to share it with ya'll, just to show even a guy can get into more than just the ghost part of a story.

Tawny's Ghost is my newest novel out, just went live July 4th, and I haven't even had time to "bomb" it yet.  But if it continues to get reviews like Scott's, again from a man not a woman, then maybe there is something ahead for me.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love Beyond Life, July 26, 2012
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This review is from: Tawny's Ghost (Kindle Edition)
What can I say about this book, except that it's really great?
I picked it up expecting a light ghost story, which I was in the mood for. Instead, I read a profoundly beautiful book that that makes me ponder everlasting love, self-sacrifice, and just how much would we be willing to give up to save the ones we love. It's an ideal I would like to believe I could live up to, if needed, after reading Tawny's story.

Tawny is not a typical teen - how many typical teens see ghosts, and have extraordinarily powerful psychic friends? Yet her life is far from typical, as she is haunted by secrets she has yet to discover. Through the course of this book, she uncovers all
those secrets, and they make her the powerful woman she becomes.

Ms. Spraycar has created three dimensional characters, not only in her male and female leads, but from the supporting cast. We care for these people, we root for them, we love them.
It's by no means a short book, and I read it in one sitting. My eyes now hurt. But I wanted to write this review while the book was fresh on my mind.

There are ghosts in this book, but not all ghosts are what they seem. And we do realize three quarters of the way through that we will get that HEA. But what is so awesome is finding out just how long forever after can be. I really pray that when my time is us, there's a special house waiting for me, with all the people I love gathered there. This book can inspire that hope.

Note to readers: I am not a sappy kind of guy. This book made me that way, and it's all Ms. Spraycar's fault. And I thank her for that - sometimes we need to be reminded that sappy can be a good thing, a real good thing. I also bought this book, and it was worth every cent.


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing it! I hope to be able to get to your book soon!:D

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