Saturday, May 14, 2011

Librarians, more fun than a barrel of Monkey

I know I don't usually write about my life, but here goes.  I was on a panel of Romance Writers at the ULA. If you don't know what that is, it is the Librarians all around the state.  It was a wonderful time.  There were Librarians from all walks of life.

Well, did you know they have their own comic strip?  I'm not one of the crowd, but even I got a kick out of the comics.  You should check them out, it's called unshelved.  I especially loved the homeless guy living in the ceiling.  Never would have guessed that was based on a real story.  They were a wonderful bunch of people.  And who should a writer love more than their own best supporters.  Hand up in High Five to Trish for the invite.

Not only that, but that hard to get booksigning that I've been asking for at the big book store chain (You know who I mean) handed me the signing on a silver platter, along with begging on their hands and knees.  No not really the hands and knees thing, but they did make sure to ask three times to make sure that I would contact them.

Another High Five to Trish.

Next High note, Now a keynote speaker at the School Library Association in 2012, yahoo for that.  Trish's hand is going to get sore with all the slapping.  Maybe a slap on the back would work better.  Then a speaker at a BookExpo.  Can you say hitting the big time?  Well maybe only in this state, but what more could you ask for as a result of one tiny panel thing.  Okay, so check out your local Librarians next time you see them and tell them thanks for all the support they give the local writers.  So now to the comic strip and more fun stuff.

Keep at it, write and have fun.  And I'll see you on the flip side.


  1. So psyched for you! You never know when a little non gratis time pays off in gratis.

  2. Congrats, Joy! Lots of great things happening for you. Glad to hear it. :)

  3. Wow, Joy. A book signing. That's great. Let us know when you'll be there and we'll come and support you. Will you have cookies? (Guten free of course).

  4. Congratulations, Joy! That is super!

  5. Congrats! Hard work pays off. Thanks for letting us know that librarians have a sense of humor. JK

  6. I loved reading about the librarians you met. How awesome that they have a comic strip! Hmm . . . intriguing, inspiring, light-bulb moment here - I'll make my own comic strip! Yes, I'll call it - Unhinged- because since I'm a writer full of all sorts of eccentricities, that's what I am!
    How fantastic about your book signing! Let us know when and where so we can all support you and make you feel loved and all warm and fuzzy inside. :D