Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Doppleganger.

Everyone knows what a doppelganger is, right?  Well maybe not.  It's your look alike, the same you only in a different place and maybe different hemisphere, but still you exactly.  Looks like you.  Talks like you.  Walks like you and most importantly thinks like you.  So is that a bad thing?  I think not.

Think of all you could do if you and your doppelganger got together.  I need at least three. 

Number ONE:  That's me of course, would sit at the computer and write all day long.  Put out three books a year.  Do book signings, meet people and generally (oh no the dreaded ly word) play long and hard.

Number TWO: would take care of working.  Earn money, work day and night, and pay bills.(my least favorite past-time.

Number THREE:  This one would do all the things I hate.  Re-writes for one.  Deadline buggers, (while I sleep of course) and last but not least, take care of all the other interruptions that keep me from doing what I want to be doing at the moment.

Wouldn't that be awesome.  I need to be replicated, many times over.  Maybe not too many times.  Remember the movie Replicated?  I don't want a -- I like pizza Steve-- me.  I could live without someone who makes me look more stupid than I actually am.  I do quite a good job of that all by myself, thank you very much.  Okay, where was I?  Oh yes, replicated.

Just think how much fun I could have with two other mes that get-- well Me?  How awesome would that be.  We could belly laugh at the same jokes, watch all my favorite shows without all the griping.  Oh, and we'd always agree on what to eat for dinner.

Doppelgangers head my way.  I'd take you with open arms.  Forget the trying to take over my life, we'll just share and trade places when we get sick of doing what we're doing.  Sounds good, No?

Well, as long as they remember who number one is.  Crap! They want to take over.  How do you get rid of a doppelganger?  (comment me and let me know)



  1. I can't fix your double ganger problem, but I want in. I've had this long standing joke with my husband about taking on multiple wives. I'm fine as long as one of them wants to do the cooking, another the cleaning and the third is into childcare and they all leave the bedroom up to me. He doesn't think I'm very funny either. Unfortunately, more of me would only create more logistics to work out in my life, so I geuss I'll continue my current plan, lack of sleep.

  2. I want at least five of me. Just saying. That way we'd all get to play some of the time. He he.

  3. Count me in too.
    I could judge way more contests, write, and hang out with you girls in Ogden.
    Sounds good.

  4. I have a doppleganger--my twin sister, but she has her own life, her own family, and her own job, so she's not much help to me.


  5. I downloaded your novel Phantom Wolves from Amazon. I can't wait to read it.

  6. I finished you novel Phantom Wolves. This was a great story and a fun read. I posted a review on Amazon.

  7. Joy, Funny you write about a Doppelganger in your blog! I'm pretty much having a demon take care of the one I have. Would you like to borrow Tiecus? I'm sure he'd love to take care of your Doppelgangers!