Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghost Inside and Out

I'm gearing up to release Tawny's Ghost, last year's Utah RWA Golden Pen winner.  Along with that I'm looking for other people to share real live ghost stories with me.  I know the inspiration for my book came from living in a haunted house, (an old farm house, not a rundown mansion) where all of us had experiences with the ghosts.  It was unnerving for some of the family, but interesting to me and quite the rush once in awhile.

Ghosts aren't scary, they're just people like you and me, but sometimes the unexpectedness is what gets you.  My ghost had certain ways that he thought his house should be, and by golly don't you new people change that.  Also, I'm sure often times he was lost, or he'd lost something inside the downstairs closet, and his nightly riffling through it made sleeping a bit rough. 

Share your stories with me.  I'm eager to hear them and include some of them in my promos for the book.  Also, I'm selling necklaces like in the book.  The stones (crystals) have powers to help you contact the other side.  If you're interested contact me, some of them are pictured at 

Let's see how many people are out there that have their own hauntings to rave about.


  1. The first house we bought after we were married was haunted. Something (a ghost?) was in the closet in the back bedroom. At first, I didn’t tell my husband because I thought he would laugh at me. After a year, when tucking in our 3 year old son, he asked me to look in the closet to see if someone was in there. That gave me goose bumps. After I got him asleep, I went in the living room and told my husband about it. He gave me this funny look. I thought he was going to laugh or make fun, but he explained that he always got the creeps when he was near that closet. The next day my sister in law that babysat came over and we asked her if there was any area in the house that gave her the creeps. She gave me the same funny look and said the closet in the back bed room! It never did anything but watch us, but it was there until we moved 12 years later.

  2. My girlfriend had a ghost in her house every woman would love. The ghost "ironed." My girlfriend said she'd wake up in the middle of the night smelling that "hot iron" smell. The next morning, her dad's shirts from the laundry room would be hanging up...ironed. They moved away some years later, but one night when I was coming home late from another friend's (around 1:00 am) I passed the house, and the light was on in the upstairs attic window while the rest of the house was dark.

  3. I have a pint sized poltergeist at my house. The playroom toys go off in the middle of the night, I had a bouncy ball bonk off the top of my head, wall fixtures have come loose on one side and swung precariously back and forth, my attic door was left ajar(it’s on the ceiling mind you) but this was the creepiest one. I was looking for my oldest daughter who was playing hide-and-go-seek somewhere in the house.
    I went into the baby's room and the closet was cracked open. The light off. I pushed it open further to reveal the dark shadow of a little girl with her head bowed in that guilty awe-you-found-me expression. But she was a brunette. My daughter's a blonde. In an instant, she disappeared.

  4. So, I drink a lot of tea at night and therefore usually have to get up around 1 in the morning to pee. I have to step around my bed to do it as my husband insists on sleeping closest to the door in case of intruders (we both come from bad neighborhoods and the habit is hard to break). My husband's father committed suicide in 2000 and so we've never met, but he and his father were VERY close. Also, he's buried in the cemetery that we now live across the street from. One night, a few months ago, I was staggering, half asleep, back to my bed and I looked up and realized that I was just about to run into my husband but I had too much momentum not to take the next step so I cried out a surprised apology as I stepped THROUGH the person who had a chest and jaw just like my man's. He even put his arms out as if to stabilize me. This woke my husband up, who was still sleeping in our bed. Of course, when I turned around, nothing was there. A waking dream? My husband's father watching over his son? Who knows?

  5. What a Fantastic idea! I just tweeted about it. Have fun reading all the ghost stories!

  6. I lived in a haunted Victorian house in Kansas City. Everyone who lived or stayed there had experiences--lights and electronic devices and faucets turning on and off, objects disappearing, then reappearing in strange places, footsteps. Once I saw the TV remote control fly across the room on its own (and my pet bird saw it, too, he went crazy!) We had some houseguests from Austria, and we entertained them with the ghost stories not realizing we scared them a little bit. Nothing happened overnight, and in the morning, my boyfriend and I were fixing breakfast and we heard this loud crash upstairs, then laughter. a few minutes later, our female houseguest came downstairs and told us that she had been sitting in bed while her husband dressed, and she said to him, "How silly we were to be afraid. There is no ghost in this house." Before the words were all the way out of her mouth, the bed collapsed (all the slats fell out). She believed in the ghost after that.