Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years the Cold Bear and resolutions

Speaking of monsters, the cold weather turns me into a grumpy bear.  I hate it, hate the snow, hate being outside in the cold.  I know, you say move somewhere warmer.  IF ONLY!!!  Anyway, my grumpyness shows up along with the snow and cold. What better way to spend my time than sitting inside my warm house and typing on my computer.  Email, Fanstory, Blogging, and yes, even working on those manuscripts, query letters, and contest entries.

That said, I've made my new year's resolution list.  Number one, same as always, lose weight.  Hard to do when you spend so much time sitting on your butt and playing on the computer.  However, with the new stationary bike, I vow to spend some time each day pumping my legs enough to match what my fingers do.

Number two, write, write, write.  I hope to finish two books this year.  A lofty goal, but I want to really push the publishing envelope this year.  I'd like to have a book a year if not two hitting the shelves.

Number three, and one that I hadn't considered until this year, up the contest entries.  Why?  You ask.  I'll tell you.  Entering contests with your writing gets it in front of the publishers and agents that wouldn't give your query letter a second look.  That's a great way to worm your way into their hearts.  I know, I entered a contest and had a publisher anxiously awaiting me finishing the novel.  Is she going to publish it?  I don't know, but at least she wants to read the whole thing and is excited about it.  More than I can say for sending out cold queries. 

There you've got my list. Oh, and try to blog more often than once a month, LOL.  Have a great year.  I'd like to hear what you have in mind for your new year. 

More monsters bad and good are coming out of my head this year, I'll keep you updated/

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  1. Write write write. Oh, and try not to get discouraged. :)