Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missing In Action

Wow, long time, no post.  Yes, that's me.  I know, I could tell you that the moon was full and I got lost in the woods, which you would know was a lie.  OR, I could tell you that I became the monster I do every month and my husband locked me in the dungeon.  You might believe that one, especially the men, but that too would be a lie.  So Truth?  I've been cramming to finish my latest masterpiece.  (Okay, maybe I'm the only one who thinks it's a masterpiece, but, Hey, I'm a writer, I'm entitled.)  Anywho, off the subject.  I've missed my once a week, have to get it done, whether I like it or not blog.  So, instead of hitting you with my latest paranormal muse, I'm giving you my scarier version.

I'm not a great cook, okay, not even a good cook.  So, I'm trying to not make a dry turkey this year.  Good luck with that, right?  Well I have it on good authority if you brine your turkey it makes it better.  So I opted for that this year.   First of all you need a turkey, no prob.  Ran to the store and got that right off.  I guess I should have asked what else you needed before I left, would have saved me two, no three, all right four more trips to the store.  The hardest thing to find? Well, besides Kosher salt,( I think everyone must be brining a turkey this year) finding a five gallon bucket.  Where do you get a five gallon bucket.  I have several, but my husband said that he refuses to eat a turkey brined in one of my horse buckets.  So, off I go to the store to find a bucket.  I thought, "No sweat, piece of cake."  Once again, did I mention everyone must be brining a turkey this year?  So, stopping at four different places to find a bucket, I finally found one of the last three in town.  No kidding.  Maybe hubby wouldn't have noticed if I used one of the horse buckets.

So, at last the turkey is in the bucket, soaking its little body and hoping to be juicy for tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it turns out. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Eat lots, sleep all afternoon, or watch the football games.  Be grateful you have a roof over your head and a flat screen on your wall.

Hugs to you all,

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