Monday, September 27, 2010

My werewolf is out of control.

Okay, you're wondering what is wrong with me.  Well, if you haven't notice the state of the moon lately, you missed it.  Full moons mean werewolves are on the loose.  Mine has dark hair, blue eyes and growls a lot.  I know that it's not uncommon for a werewolf to have those qualities, but mine has those most days.  No, it's not Quinton from my book Quicksilver, but the man who inspired him.  Let's just call him Steven.  Ha, ha.  That's a generic enough name.  Anyway, when the moon is full he's harder to handle than other times during the month.  I know, I have that problem too, but it has nothing to do with the moon.

I've been wanting to get a t-shirt to wear to let people know why I seem out of sorts.  I considered, Watch out, the moon's full; but that didn't really say it all that well.  I pondered what would make more sense.  I live with a monster, so if I look like I've been mauled, ignore it?  No, too long and who would understand it.  Then I came up with the perfect shirt.  It would have doggy footprints, or werewolf if you know me, and say:  My werewolf walks all over me!  Now that says exactly how I feel.  However, don't tell Steven.  He still thinks that I don't know.

Happy Howling!

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